One Click Llama Button — How To Install

I'm using Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari

1. Update your browser, if you aren't using the latest version.

2. Install an extension in your browser which lets you use userscripts (One Click Llama Button is a userscript):

Chrome Tampermonkey
Microsoft Edge Tampermonkey
Firefox Tampermonkey
Safari (not for iOS) Tampermonkey
Opera Tampermonkey

3. Click this link: One Click Llama Button

After you click the link, a page/dialog/window will appear (you may have to wait a few seconds) where you'll get further instructions for installing it. If you're unsure, just find an Install button and click it. If you instead see a new tab full of text/code, make sure you did step 2 correctly and Tampermonkey is enabled.

When you're done installing, open/refresh any DeviantArt page and start spreading the llama love! Don't forget to share this with your friends so that they like you more for letting them join the fun!

I'm using iOS or Android

You're gonna have to use Two Click Llama Button (TCLB). It looks just like OCLB, but as the name suggests, you do two clicks instead of one.

Here's how it works: you install the Two Click Llama Button bookmark in your browser (Safari/Chrome/etc.) Then when you're on DeviantArt and want to use Two Click Llama Button, you open that bookmark. This loads it in that page and you can give llamas easily.

Unlike OCLB, TCLB cannot be loaded automatically and you'll have to load it manually by opening the bookmark.

Here's how to install the Two Click Llama Button bookmark →

To open the bookmark in Chrome for iOS/Android, you've to type few characters of "Two Click Llama Button" in the location bar (when you're on a DA page) and select "Two Click Llama Button" when it appears.

I'm using Internet Explorer

Use a different browser. You'll thank me later. No one uses IE.

You'll be able to do a lot more with a different browser, not counting being able to use this script. If you dislike the change to a new browser, force yourself to use the new browser for a week at least and then think about switching back.

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